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    PukiWiki - PHP scripts for Web pages which can be edited by anyone, 
                                                              at any time, from anywhere. 

        PukiWiki 1.4
        Copyright (C) 2001,2002,2003 PukiWiki Developers Team.
        License is GNU/GPL.
        Based on "PukiWiki" 1.3 by sng.



    PukiWiki consists of a series of PHP Scripts designed to build 
    a collection of web pages which can be edited by anyone without any restriction.
    Pukiwiki is more flexible than moderate bulletinboards.
    Since it ,basically, enables everyone change the design and content of any 
    page, while you can only leave messages in bulletinboards.

    PukiWiki is a unique Wiki-Engine which is based on the YukiWiki specification 
     created by Mr. Hiroshi Yuki.
    Mr. sng continued its development until the release of PukiWiki 1.3, and 
    PukiWiki Developers Team inherited the development from him after 1.3.1b.

    PukiWiki is written in PHP, so it's relatively easy to install
    on a web server which supports PHP.

    PukiWiki is distributed under GPL. Thus it is, so to speak, a  Free Software!


    PukiWiki is only written in PHP, so it needs a PHP environment.
    PHP4.1 or later versions are recommended.

    To use the multibyte features, PHP with multibyte extensions is needed.   


    1. Download a PukiWiki package.
       The latest package can be obtained from

    2. Extract the package on a local system or a target system.
        The default name for the root directory of the system is "pukiwiki". 
        You may change it to another name if necessary.  

    3. Edit pukiwiki.ini.php to make it fit to your environment.
        Common setting                 : pukiwiki.ini.php
        Settings for each agent:
          I-MODE(NTT),AirH"(DDIPocket) : i_mode.ini.php
          J-PHONE                      : jphone.ini.php
          Default( any other above )   : default.ini.php
        String replace setting         : rules.ini.php

    4. Change the file permission as follows
          Directory      Permission     (more secure (*1)) 
             attach        777               707
             backup        777               707
             cache         777               707
             counter       777               707
             diff          777               707
             face          755               705
             image         755               705
             plugin        755               705
             skin          755               705 
             trackback     777               707
             wiki          777               707
             attach/*      666               606
             backup/*      666               606
             cache/*       666               606
             diff/*        666               606
             face/*        644               604
             image/*       644               604
             plugin/*      644               604
             skin/*        644               604
             trackback/*   666               606
             wiki/*        666               606
             *.php         644               604
             *.lng         644               604
             *.txt         644               604   

    5.  Now you are ready to access the site !
         Please point your browser to:  
           http://[your domain]/[pukiwiki dir]/pukiwiki.php


    The document data is stored in the "wiki" directory. (default setting)
    Please make a backup of your "wiki" directory. 
    And, if necessary, also make backups of the other directories - namely, 
    "attach" , "backup", "counter", "cache", "diff" and "trackback" with default setting.


    1.  Click on ''New'' menu ( at the top of a page) or ''new icon '' (at the 
        bottom of a page), then a page displaying an input box will  open. 
        Please input whatever name you like for the new page and push the    
        button, then the new page will be created in edit mode.
    2.  Every time you write a WikiName, which includes at least two capitalized
        letters in a word, or BracketName enclosing on a page, the question
        mark, "?", appears at the tail of the written word. If you click the
        mark, a new page with an editable textfield is displayed, and you can
        modify the page as you usually edit a page.


    Refer to [[Text Formatting Rule]] page.


    The InterWiki feature is supported from version 1.11 on.
    InterWiki originally meant the function that established links among Wiki Sites. 
    The present InterWiki can connect any web site to strings. This expanded feature
    is very convenient even though it is now a conceptually different function.
    This function is ported nearly completely from Tiki.

    Please refer to [[InterWikiTechnical]] page for details.     


    Since version 1.2.1, the function to create RDF/RSS from RecentChanges 
    has been supported.

    * RSS 0.91 output example

    * RSS 1.0 (RDF) output example


    1.  [[WikiName]] and WikiName means the same page.
    2.  1.3.x is different from 1.4.x in the format of "Definition List":
        ": :" in 1.3.X and ": |" in 1.4.X 
    3.  "List" and "Quotation" can contain the other "List" and "Quotation" as its
        Child Element. (1.3.x : "List" can contain only the same kind of "List",ex., 
        "-" can contain "-","--"... . "Quataion" can contain only "Quatation".) 


    *   2003-11-17 1.4.2 by PukiWiki Developers Team

         Fixed BugTrack/487 (AutoLink probrem)
         Fixed BugTrack/488 (mb_substr() implementation)
         Fixed function name conflict
         Update plugin/
         Fixed parameter error handling
         Fixed variable name mismatch

    *   2003-11-10 1.4.1 by PukiWiki Developers Team

         Fixed BugTrack/478
         Fixed BugTrack/479
         Fixed BugTrack/480
         Fixed BugTrack/482
         Fixed BugTrack/483
         Fixed BugTrack/485
         Fixed BugTrack/486
         Update plugin/
         Fixed backup.php (array initialize) 
    *   2003-11-03 1.4 by PukiWiki Developers Team
         First official release of 1.4 series



    PukiWiki Developers Team.
    Based on "PukiWiki" 1.3 by sng

    Please send questions, opinions and bug reports to 


    PukiWiki is distributed under GNU GPL/2 (GNU General Public License) .


    First of all, thanks so much to the users of PukiWiki and the members of
    PukiWiki Developers Team. 
    Special thanks to Mr. sng who developed the first PukiWiki.
    And also thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Yuki who was willing to accept our cloning
    YukiWiki and 
    Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. who created the original WikiWikiWeb.


    *   PukiWiki Web Site
    *   PukiWiki Developer's Site
    *   sng's Web Site 
    *   Hiroshi Yuki 's Web Site 
    *   YukiWiki 
    *   Tiki 
    *   Original WikiWikiWeb 
    *   Author of WikiWikiWeb(Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.)